Jell-o night!

If you like to play with your food this is the night for you! 

Whether it is honing your Jell-O Sharpshooter skills, developing greater Jell-O Stacking abilities,  increasing your capacity for Jell-O Slurping, or any other game we can come up with using this gelatinous mass we have the game for you!  

So, plan on coming to  join us for a time of games and activities all involving one of America's favorite desserts- Jell-O! This event is great for all ages (even those who think they are too old to play with their food). 

Jell-O Night will be Friday, May 17 at EWC from 6:30-8:30 pm.  

Sign-up deadline is Wednesday, May 15th.

You can sign-up at the church or click HERE to sign up online.