Get out your bell-bottoms, or maybe its your cats-eye glasses, or maybe it is your tight rolled jeans, or it could even be your fringed vest.  Whatever it may be, get on your favorite outfit from your high school years and join us on Friday, February 22 for a blast-from-the-past Sweetheart Banquet!

We will have a catered meal and fun games to take us on a trip through yesteryear.  We will also have prizes for those with the best outfit from their high school era.

The High School Reunion Sweetheart Banquet is for all married couples.

The cost is only $10 per couple!  You can't go on a date anywhere else for that!

Click HERE to register!

Your payment of $10 per COUPLE  is due into the church office by Sunday, February 17th.

If you have a picture of yourself from high school we would love to use a scan of it (so nothing happens to the original).  If you are not able to scan it yourself you can bring it to the church office and we can scan it here.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!