EWC Cleaning volunteers

God has blessed us with a wonderful and spacious facility here at Eden.  As with everything that God entrusts to our care, whether as individuals or as a Church, we want to be found as good stewards.  When it comes to our facilities, one way to be good stewards is to make sure that they are cleaned on a regular basis.

Would you consider helping out by volunteering some of your precious time to come in and take care of the cleaning of a section of the church?  When you volunteer we ask that you volunteer for one month and serve each week some time after Thursday at a time that is convenient for you.

Listed below are the various sections of the facilities and what entails as far as cleaning them.  A more detailed list of provided cleaning supplies and locations will be made available once you volunteer for a section.

Church Sections

Upstairs Classrooms

3 Rooms- 1st-2nd Grade, 3rd-4th Grade, 5th-6th Grade

Take out trash

Wash the tables

Sweep the floors

Mop last week of the month

Downstairs Classrooms

3 Rooms- Preschool, Toddler Nursery, Nursing Mothers Room

Take out trash

Wash Tables

Wash sink in Preschool room

Sweep floors

Mop last week of the month

Upstairs Hallway & Stairway

Sweep and mop hallway

Sweep and mop stairs

Upstairs Bathrooms

Take out the trash

Clean the toilets

Clean the sinks

Sweep and mop

Stage & Sound Booth

Pick up trash and vacuum the stage area

Remove trash from the sound booth

Vacuum the sound booth


Take out the trash

Clean the tables and counters

Clean the sinks

Sweep and mop the floor

If you want to help out in any of these areas please click HERE to sign-up.

Thank you so much for your willingness to serve the Body of Christ!