Meet Our Staff

  • Matt Gingerich - Senior Pastor

    Matt is married to Danielle and they have 3 children: Makai, Miriam, and Aiden. He graduated from King's Bible College; he worked with youth for a number of years, then became Associate pastor. In 2009 Matt became the senior pastor and also serves as Police and Fire Chaplain for Shipshewana. 

  • Harold Gingerich - Founding Pastor / Elder

    Favorite quote: "Matt became senior pastor, Jason became Associate pastor, and they put me out to pasture!" Harold and his wife Janice started the church in 1987 and served as Pastor for 22 years. He continues to serve as founding pastors in addition to his role as Police and Fire Chaplain for their home town of Topeka.

  • Andrea Gingerich - Church Secratary

    Andrea brings her legal secretary experience to helping administrate the finances, scheduling and other day-to-day operations at the building. In October of 2016 her husband Jason began serving as Pastor at Maple Grove Church in Topeka after spending 5 years as our associate pastor.

  • Joe & Brandi Drake - Elder / Christian Ed Director

    Joe serves as an elder at EWC and Brandi began serving as our Christian Education Director in 2016 after having taught Sunday School for many years. They have 3 children and served for many years as our youth leaders.

  • Justin Geigley - Youth Pastor / Elder CANDIDATE

    Justin began serving as our youth pastor in 2015. He is married to Erin and they have 3 children. The Geigley's have been a great addition to our youth ministry and had been youth sponsors for 8 years prior to becoming the leaders. Justin works in publishing / IT for Lagwana Publishing. Just is also an elder candidate.

  • Destin Detwiler - Elder Candidate

    Destin is married to Jen and they have 3 children. They have served for several years as youth sponsors and have a deep passion and calling for missions.

  • Tim & Sharla Miller - Elder Candidate / Custodian

    Tim is married to Sharla and they have 4 children. Sharla serves as our church custodian taking care of the cleaning needs of our facility. 

  • Jonas Miller - Elder Candidate

    Jonas is married to Kerston and they have 3 children. Jonas oversees the trustees ministry of care for the EWC facility.