Children's Sunday School

It is never too early for children to start to systematically learn the worth and character of God.  We don't believe that God intended for the Bible to be reduced to a set of moralistic teachings, so we endeavor to do more than that for our children.  Our Sunday School teachers use the Truth: 78 curriculum (formerly Children Desiring God).  Our Children's Sunday School is every Sunday morning during the sermon with classes for kids from 2 years old through 6th grade.

adult sunday school

(Under Consideration)

According to Ephesians 4:11-16, the very purpose of coming together as the Church is for the saints to be equipped to do the work of ministry. That “work of ministry” will be different for each individual as God directs their path. However, what is common for all believers is that church is the place where the bulk of training in the Word for the purpose of ministry takes place.  To this end we want to offer a combined Sunday School for  7th grade- adult.  

All of our studies are scripture saturated.  We are currently using material available from Capitol Hills Baptist, the church of Pastor Mark Dever.  

Prayerfully help us think through this process of how we can grow deeper into the Word of God and Gospel Community.