Welcome to EWC

As followers of Jesus Christ, our desire is to connect people with God and each other. While many churches today are racing to offer the biggest productions and slickest programming our simple desire is that the WORD of God would do the WORK of God in the PEOPLE of God! We believe salvation belongs to God, so of coarse we want you to be engaged and building relationships with other believers, but more than anything we want to see dead hearts made alive (which only God can do) and become fully committed disciples of Christ Jesus.

What to Expect ... our services consist of three main elements:

Worship Time:

1) Singing: songs that turn us towards God, are full of theological truth, and exalt Jesus Christ.

2) Word: a Christ centered study of God's Word, the Bible, and how to apply it to our lives.

3) Fellowship: getting connected with God's family for mutual encouragement.

Sunday Mornings

  • 9-9:45 AM Sunday School for all ages
  • 10:00 AM Worship Service
  • You can also join us Online (Facebook or Youtube)

Sunday Evenings

  • Community Groups meet 2nd & 4th weeks (varying times and locations)

Youth Group

  • EWC youth meets every WEDNESDAY at 6:30PM at EWC

Family Worship Resouces

We want your kids to help create resources for family worship. We want to record some songs together with YOUR KIDS singing!

So on March 19th we want to invite your family to stay for a light lunch, some fun family craft activities, and singing.

PLEASE practice the songs with your family so your kids know them and can sing along! (Here is a link to the playlist) 

Click HERE

Family Worship Practice Songs (Playlist)