The world has a lot of questions for Christians.  One of the most common is, "Why do you believe the Bible?"  Join us as we look at the evidence that shows that the Bible is exactly what it claims to be- the inspired, infallible Word of God.

This video series is appropriate and engaging for anyone 7-70 years old.  Each video installment will have companion materials available for download.

Part One: Will the real history please stand up?

Part One shows how starting with wrong foundation always leads in the wrong direction no matter how good it looks.  It also takes a humurous look at how simply believing something does not make it real.  Finally, we will take a look at history and two major events in the Old Testament to see if archaeology actually supports the Bible's version of history.

Make this a part of your household worship time.  

View Part One: Why I Believe the Bible: Part One

Download the companion Discussion Questions and Activity Pages HERE.


In Part Two of our family video series "Why I Believe the Bible" we are looking at whether the claim that we can't trust the New Testament because it has been copied and recopied so many times actually a reasonable claim? How does the New Testament stacks up against other ancient writings? Can it hold its own against the likes of Julius Caesar, Plato, or Homer? Who will win in this Battle of the Manuscripts?

View Part Two: Why I Believe the Bible: Part Two

Download the companion Discussion Guide and Activity Pages HERE