For Our Visitors

We are so glad you are here!

Our desire is that everything we do points people toward God and helps them discover what it really means to be a follower of Jesus!

In a day when so much of church is dead religion or "I'm OK, you're OK" liberalism, we want to be people with a real and life changing relationship with God and each other.

Ordinary People ... With an Extraordinary God!

So please take a moment and fill out the VISITOR CARD HERE to let us know a bit more about yourself. You can also tell us about your experience visiting with us (what made you feel at home or uncomfortable.)

New to Church?

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Finding A Good Church

Too many people start going to a church because they like the music, the pastor is a great speaker, or it is just so fun and modern! Those are not not necessarily bad things, but they also don't tell you much about how you will grow in your faith there. So start by asking yourself some important questions:

1. What do they believe here? 

- About Jesus (fully God and fully man)

- The Bible (the ultimate standard for our lives) 

- Salvation (God's gift to me not something I could ever earn)

2. Can I connect here?

- Can I build the types of relationships here that will see me thru the bad times?

- Do I see godly examples in these people's lives?

- Will I be challenged to grow or just an anonymous face in the crowd?

3. Can I commit here?

- Is it close enough to home that I can be faithful here?

- Can I be involved in serving here?


  • What Do They Believe?

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  • Can I Connect Here?

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  • Can I Commit Here?

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